Weaponlord is a four piece heavy metal band formed in Seattle in late 2014. After several lineup changes, the band has settled on a comprehensive musical direction and has finished self recording and producing their first full-length album. The band features the following musicians in no particular order:

Bison - Lead Guitar/Lead Vocals

Leona - Bass Guitar/Backup Vocals

Cody - Lead Guitar/Backup Vocals

Chris - Drums/Percussion 


Notably: Bison, Chris, and Cody had previously played together in the shortlived classic metal band Arsenal only playing one show before breaking up. Former members include: Timotheus Millage (lead vocals), and Robbie Berg (Lead Guitar/Backup Vocals). All members of the band have been involved in the Seattle music scene for quite some time save Leona who relocated to the PNW from Florida several years ago. Currently Chris is also the drummer for the PNW metal band Oxygen Destroyer. 

Looking ever forwards to the future, Weaponlord is soon set to release their debut album on vinyl (available for pre-order from the merchandise link on the homepage) and on a variety of digital platforms. Please stay tuned and join our mailing list for a number of entertaining videos, concert updates, and exclusive offers available only to those who are subscribed.



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